Nov 20, 2015

The weekend of November 20, 21 special emphasis was given to WGFY 1480AM – With Grace For You –  the radio ministry of Sharon Church.  During the morning worship service the following account of the history of the church’s radio ministry was provided along with a video featuring the ministry’s various aspects.

Ten years ago, our Sharon Church renewed its mission: “To Know Jesus Christ and Share Him.” Soon after, we were asked to maintain a daylight Christian Talk-Radio station: WTCG 870AM—complete with its own programming.

We began to realize the value of ‘radio to mission’ when we were granted availability to ‘break in’ to WTCG’s programming each Sabbath morning with our own ‘live’ prophecy seminars and worship services.

Listeners –convicted of the truths of God’s Word through the leading of the Holy Spirit – began walking into our church. Seeing the results of sharing Jesus and His end-time message with just four hours of local radio ministry time, each Sabbath, we began to pray for a station of our own.  We wanted to reach Charlotte 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

God brought an experienced engineer into our church willing to serve as radio director, and then the door was opened to purchase WGFY 1480 AM, from the Disney Corporation at a price greatly below its market value.

The Disney station came with 10 acres of land, four radio towers, satellite dishes, and a building of operational equipment.

With the blessing of the Sharon Church, along with help from the Carolina Conference, finances were made available to acquire WGFY and take it from Disney’s “Goofy” radio to a radio station With Grace For You- WGFY!

WGFY’s ministry is funded with the generosity of donors like you to cover its annual operating costs of approximately $65,000.

Not one of us has the means to share God’s end-time message with over a million people in Charlotte. However, as Sharon Church and friends of WGFY, we are privileged to partner with the Holy Spirit to share Jesus Christ before He comes with every person in the metro Charlotte listening area and beyond.

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