Mar 02, 2016



On March 2 the Sharon Pathfinder Bible Experience Team secured a 1st place ranking in the annual Carolina Conference Pathfinder Bible Experience held at Sharon Church.  Our Sharon Pathfinder Bible Experience Team have invested months of studying and absorbing the entire Old Testament book of Exodus.  Their efforts have been rewarded and recognized.  The team is coached by Loella Lapat and additionally encouraged by parents and multiple support Pathfinder staff and friends. 

The Sharon Pathfinder Team advances to the Southern Union regional competition held in Calhoun, Georgia on March 19.  The Southern Union regional competition will host a total of six teams from the southeastern Unite States.

A first place ranking in the Southern Union regionals would lead to a national competition later in Spring to be held in Phoenix, Arizona.

In 2015 the Sharon Pathfinders participated in the national competition held in Keene, Texas.

Study on! Press on! Sharon Pathfinder Bible Experience Team.

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