Mar 02, 2017

The Pathfinder Bible Experience is a team challenge that focuses on immersion in the Word of God. Each year, teams of six club members study a book/s of the Bible (alternating Old Testament and New Testament), memorizing large portions of God's word sometimes entire books.

This year, the books are Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 Timothy and 2 Timothy and the SDA Bible Commentary on those books.

At each level, the teams scoring 90% or higher of the highest score at their testing site make 1st place and are invited to go on to the next level. Teams scoring 80% of the highest place second and teams scoring 70% of the highest place third.

This year, Sharon Flyers has 2 teams. Sharon Flyers Team A won first place (scored 92% of the perfect score) and Team B won third place.  Sharon Flyers  was the only first place in the conference.

They will move on to the Southern Union testing on March 24-25, 2017 at the Georgia Cumberland Academy in Calhoun, Georgia.

They are studying to win there to continue on to the North American Division testing in Chicago, Illinois on April 21-22, 2017.

Team A: Loren Lapat, Aaron Garcia-Osejo, Stephani Garcia-Osejo, James McLendon, Steven Seide and Tiandi McLendon

Team B:  Zabdi Zavaleta-Zeledon, Darra Zavaleta-Zeledon and Kelly Cummings.

Coach: Loella Lapat Co-coach: Timothy McLendon,  Junior Anderson

Charlotte Flyers Team A (1st place) and Team B(3rd place) at the Carolina Conference testing with coaches and Pathfinder leaders.

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