Charlotte Sharon Seventh-day Adventist Church

920 N Sharon Amity Rd
Charlotte, NC 28211-3138


Sharon Church Office Manager: Sonia Fiol

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday: 8:30 to 3 PM; Friday 8:30 to noon

Phone: 704-364-8973
Fax: 704-364-8902

Lead Pastor: Bryan Aalborg:

Associate Pastor: David Graham:

Church Plant Pastor Cambodian/Hmong: Thorn Hean:

Church Plant Head Elder Ghana Group: Christiana Jordan

Lead Pastor: Bryan Aalborg

Church Board: Bryan Aalborg

Church Clerk: Shiela Messick

Church Organization: Bryan Aalborg  

Church Office Manager: Sonia Fiol

Church Treasurer: Cheryl Simmons

Finance Chairman: Lloyd Green

Pastoral Staff: Bryan Aalborg, David Graham, Ellie Green, Mark Rumsey, Jennette Robinson, Fred Armstrong, Garriela Yaste, and Gary Bartsch

Stewardship: Kevin Shaw

Worship/Music: Gabriela Yaste

Associate Pastor: David Graham

Altar and Decor Committee: Dottie Johnston

Building Development: David Graham

Bus Ministry: David Graham

Campus facilities/maintenance: Gary Bartsch

Outreach projects: David Graham

Special events: David Graham

Head Elder: Ellie Green:

Board of Elders Ministry: Ellie Green

Media Ministry: Chuck Connors

Radio Ministry: Tim Timmons

New Member Ministry: Wanda Christenberry

Assistant Head Elder: Mark Rumsey

Deacon Ministry: Paul Taylor

Usher Ministry: Herbert Miller

Curch events: Terri Trunzo

Assistant Head Elder: Jennette Robinson

Deaconess Ministry: Barbara Blocker

Fellowship Luncheon Ministry: Milette Alaimo

Shut-in Ministry: Jennette Robinson

Elder: Keith Brown

Family LIfe Ministry: Cathy Brown

Sports Ministry: Paul Raab

Elder: Andy Clement

Men's Ministry: Andy Clement

First Impressions Ministry: Lloyd Green

Elder: Josh Decker

Religious Liberty Ministry: Dave Haugsted

Safety and Security Ministry: Josh Decker

Elder: (To be determined)

Nursing Home Ministry: Evelyne Francois

Card Ministry: Monica Connors

Community Services Ministry: Forrest Watson

Elder: Lloyd Johnston

Building Committee: Lloyd Johnston

Building Campaign: Christian Yaste

Elder: Valeri Knight

Sabbath School Ministry: Valeri Knight

Children's Ministries: Balinda Graham

Adventurer and Pathfinder Ministries: Junior Anderson and Rebecca Sorrells

Elder: Eunice Labrador

Women's Ministries

Prayer Ministry

Elder: Denny Lynn

Personal Ministries

ACA Foundation

Elder: David Parker

Health and Fitness Ministry: David Parker

Prison Ministry: Scott Walgren

Elder: Rosa Simmons

Friendship Club Ministry: Rosa Simmons

Food Pantry: Eunice Labrador

Elder: Yalanda Williams

Youth Ministry: Sonia Fiol

Young Adults Ministry: Jonathan Edwards

Elder: Gabriela Yaste (Minister of Music)

Music Scheduling: Garbiela Yaste

Praise Team Ministries: Gabriela Yaste

Adventist Christian Academy:

Adventist Christian Academy Principal: Fred Armstrong

Adventist Christian Academy Office Manager: Eva Taylor

Adventist Christian Academy Home and School Leader: Shiela Messick

ACA Board Chair: Pastor Bryan Aalborg

ACA Finance Chair: Kevin Shaw

ACA Treasurer: Donna O'Neal

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