Jun 01, 2018

Welcome back to our pro-PBEers and welcome, new scholars!

We will study and master the book of Luke in the next 11 months! We already have sample questions and the commentary copy at https://www.pathfindersonline.org/

This Sabbath at 2:30-4:30 we will complete an honor to help us study more effectively and efficiently. It is a fun honor too! You will also receive your specific assignments. If you can, please join us for potluck at the fellowship hall right after the service.

Here is a Youtube link of Charlotte Flyers year in review 2018! Charlotte Flyers PBE 2018 slideshow

And the Youtube clip of our first place announcement at the Division finals!  PBE 2018 North American Division testing result Charlotte Flyers





The Charlotte Sharon PBE team placed first at this year’s North American Division finals in Florida. The Charlotte Flyers Team is one of the 4 teams that represented Carolina Conference at the North American Division finals at Camp Hawthorn  in Hawthorne, Florida on April 21st, 2018.  193 teams from the North American Division, Canada and parts of England qualified for the event. Teams that received 90% and higher placed first. Before they reached the Divison finals, Charlotte Flyers placed first at the local area testing. They then placed first at the Carolina Conference testing and again, first at the Southern Union testing.

The team was made up of Loren Lapat (team captain), James McLendon, Zabdi Zavaleta-Zeledon, Rose Divine Seide, Tiandi McLendon, Kelly Cummings and Dara Zavaleta-Zeledon.


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